Edge Services, Inc. is a premier oil field drilling company, which focuses on satisfying client needs through customer-driven, value-added principals. Chief among these, are efficient production, safety, and environmental compliance.

Oil Field Services

Edge provides a wide variety of services to support the oil field industry, including Pre-set to set surface casting, Conductor / Cellar Drilling and Setting and Rathole/ Mousehole Drilling. We use premium technology and most experienced professionals to deliver the highest quality services in a safe and environmentally sound manner.



Our people, values, production and dedication to safety give us a dynamic edge. When we bring this unprecedented combination to your project – it becomes your edge. We provide drilling services to an ever-expanding list of satisfied customers. Edge’s premier client list reflects some of the largest names in the oil and gas industry.



Our commitment to safety starts at the top with policy and planning. We’ve worked hard to cultivate a culture of safety amongst the entire team. In fact, our program and training philosophy has resulted in some of the top safety compliance records in the industry.