Our Company

Our Company Edge Services, Inc. was formed in 2008 to service a rapidly expanding oil field market. Headquartered in Woodward Oklahoma, Edge is rapidly expanding its market footprint. Founded on the philosophy of providing unparalleled customer service, Edge has quickly become a recognized industry service provider. Our core mission is a laser focus on three simple, yet critical, principles which resonate with all our clients: production, safety, and environmental compliance.

In the years following the company’s inception, this approach to customer-focused service has proven effective as evidenced by the company’s rapidly expanding client list. Today, our customers reflect the top companies in the oil and gas production industry.

Our company’s strategy includes effectively managing aggressive growth, while maintaining a clear focus on these customer-driven core principles. Our people, focus, production and dedication to safety give us an edge. When we bring this unprecedented combination to your project – it becomes your edge.