Our Beliefs

  1. SAFELY DRILLING and COMPLETING WELLS in a cost effective manner while safeguarding employees and the environment are our primary business functions.

  2. Our ATTITUDE, ACTIONS AND EXPECTATIONS will make it obvious that we consider worker safety and environmental stewardship first in every operation.

  3. ALL WORKERS must communicate openly, honestly and often regarding HSE goals, issues and workplace hazards. Every worker has the right and obligation to stop an operation if HSE issues are not addressed.

  4. MANAGEMENT will support the worker’s efforts through their actions and priorities to improve safety by providing training, seeking input, assisting in investigations and sharing lessons learned across the organization.

  5. By PREPARING to WORK SAFELY we will reduce the inherent safety risks in our activities to an acceptable level before an activity is undertaken.

  6. Every SAFETY SUGGESTION will be respectfully and thoughtfully considered and feedback will always be returned.

  7. Every incident and significant near miss will be REPORTED and INVESTIGATED appropriately to determine cause, effect and preventative measures.

  8. We will LEARN and IMPROVE from our observations and mistakes by openly communicating and seeking meaningful changes.

  9. Working safely is an INDIVIDUAL CHOICE that each of us must be committed to make continuously and without failure.

  10. Working safely and in an environmentally sound manner is a CONDITION of EMPLOYMENT.


No business objective is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety