Conductor Drilling Services

Conductor Drilling ServicesOne of the initial steps in the drilling process involves “site preparation” drilling activities, including drilling and setting conductors/cellars, and drilling ratholes/mouseholes. Edge Services is one of the industry’s leading providers of these turnkey drilling services.

Schedule flexibility and timing are critical to success in each step of the well drilling process. Edge is proud of the industry reputation we have earned for reliability through meeting tight schedules, dimensional accuracy, safety, and leaving well pads in clean condition upon project completion and ready for the next phase of drilling.

Edge equipment has the capability to drill, set and cement conductor pipe up to 160’ in depth, and can construct and set cellars up to 10’ in diameter to any typical cellar specified depth.

Equipment reliability is achieved by using late model drill rigs and appurtenant equipment. Edge employs an updated fleet of CZM Model 125 foundation drill rigs, which are reliable, compact, operator friendly, easy to transport and quick to set up. Edge maintains a company owned fleet of tractors/trailers to transport rigs, pipe and equipment.

Conductor Drilling Services

As part of a total turnkey service, Edge also provides cement to seal conductor pipe and cellars. We own and operate a fleet of mixing trucks to transport to cement to the locations, as well as a cement plant in our yard in Woodward, OK with capability of mixing/producing 500 yards of cement per hour.

Edge combines the highest quality state-of-the-art drilling equipment with the most experienced and proven drillers, technicians and supervisors. The result is safe, reliable and timely drilling services to its clients.