Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness Edge understands the importance of operating under sound environmental principles. An increasing concern throughout the petroleum services supply chain is centered on limiting negative public relations, financial loss or other repercussions associated with unsound environmental practices.

Awareness, policy and proper practices to mitigate this risk are critical to industry success. For this reason, we are proactive when it comes to environmental awareness initiatives. Edge incorporates environmental awareness operating procedures in all its oil field services work.

Environmental Policy

Edge Services, Inc. is committed to the protection of human health, safety and the environment.

Edge commits to comply with environmental regulations; to maintain equipment, premises, and drill and other work sites in environmentally sound conditions; and to ensure that all employees comply with environmentally acceptable procedures.

Accordingly, Edge Employees will:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations toward the prevention of environmental disruption or degradation.
  • Determine the potential harmful environmental effects of each project prior to work commencing, and plan for the integration of protective measures to prevent or reduce any adverse environmental impacts of each project.
  • Operate equipment and vehicles consistent with the goals of conservation of fuel and minimization of exhaust emissions.
  • Commit to the application of proven and practical environmental protection measures throughout its drilling operations.
  • Restore each drill site to acceptable environmental conditions prior to project termination.

We recognize that it is the responsibility of employees at all levels in the workplace to achieve this policy objective. Maintaining a clean and sustainable environment is critical to the wellbeing of the industry, and vital to current and future generations. All employees are responsible for keeping themselves and their co-workers accountable for implementation of this policy. At Edge, environmental stewardship is everyone’s job.